Harmony Furniture Factory specializes in all quality bespoke joinery products, which are supplied using the finest materials for lounges, dining rooms, bedrooms, and conservatories, kitchens, etc….

Our services include the following:
Commercial Offices, Private Villas, Hotels, Panels, Conservatories, Furniture, Carpentry, Window Systems, Staircases, Bedrooms, Doors, Decking, Flooring, Roofing, Garages, Loft, Kitchens, Conversions, Bespoke and Commercial Contracts.



We have many high precision joinery machines. By engaging in the unique development of our automated machining system of module, we achieve high quality and fast delivery.







  • - Standdrill Machine
    - Spindle Moulder Machine
    - Calibrating Sanding Machine
    - Corrida Airless Machine
    - Rectangular Tenoner
    - Oscillation Mortise
    - Wood Lath Machine
    - Laser Machine
    - Air Assist Machine Raftor
    - Planner Machine
    - CNR Router CN-R-1118/CN-R-1530
    - Thickness Planner Type S530
    - Dust Collector
    - Air Dryer
  • - Panel Saw
    - Surface Planner
    - Thicknessing Machine
    - Hotwood Press
    - Radial Arm Saw
    - Bandsaw Machine
    - Chain Mortiser
    - Bit Mortiser
    - Feeders
    - Automatic Multi Head Saw
    - CNR Router System
    - Hydraulic Veneer Cutter Machine
    - Veneer Stritching Machine
    - Dry Painting Booth
    - Screw Compressor